Lebowski Ipsum


The ipsum no longer abides; the website is dead. RIP, Lebowski Ipsum.


Dipshit with a nine-toed woman. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit praesent ac magna. You don’t go out and make a living dressed like that in the middle of a weekday. Justo pellentesque ac lectus quis. Yeah. Roadie for Metallica. Speed of Sound Tour. Elit blandit fringilla a ut turpis praesent felis. Keep your ugly fucking goldbricking ass out of my beach community! Ligula, malesuada suscipit malesuada non, ultrices non urna sed orci ipsum, placerat id.

Gone but not forgotten. This ipsum will live forever in our hearts and in the Internet Achive's Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20150110120204/http://www.lebowskiipsum.com/

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  1. me says:

    Sadly, the link is broken, the site appears to no longer exist

  1. July 28, 2017

    […] Lebowski Ipsum (the site sadly no longer exists … excerpt courtesy of Mashable) […]

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