Bluth Ipsum

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one ipsum who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Bluth Ipsum.


…No, Pop-pop does not get a treat, I just brought you a [bleep]ing pizza. I’m gonna build me an airport, put my name on it. Why, Michael? So you can fly away from your feelings? I need a fake passport, preferably to Franceā€¦I like the way they think. George Michael, you want to put your head down there by his drainage shunt? Well, Michael, I did not find their buffoonery amusing. Do you have any idea how often you say the word afraid? Well, I know I used it in the Jacuzzi. And guess what else is back. [slow wink] My breakfast? My friskiness. Mama horny Michael.

There's always money in the banana stand.

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